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Additional Rise Now Standard on Forward Lift Extended-Height Two-Post Lift


Forward Lift's extended-height DP10A two-post lift now  includes three inches of additional rise as a standard feature to increase technician work area  and comfort.

The added rise, which was previously available only as an option, increases the DP10A's  versatility. With it, cars, trucks and SUVs can be positioned higher so operators have more  working area and improved ergonomics.

Standard features on the extended-height lift (model DP10A2HR) include automatic arm  restraints for efficient setup and a single-point lock release. The DP10A also comes with a  durable powder coat finish. Other technician-friendly features on the DP10A include low-profile arms, door bump guards on the carriage and a padded shut-off bar.

"The DP10 series is the most feature-rich of all our lifts," said Lance Jones, Forward Lift  sales and brand manager. "We made the extended rise option standard on the extended  height model because customers would typically pair the two together. The ordering process  is now more streamlined."

With a total height to the overhead shut-off bar of more than 13 feet, the extended-rise  DP10A has enough room to raise the bottom of a vehicle more than six-and-a-half feet off  the ground.

The DP10A has been third-party tested by ETL and Automotive Lift Institute (ALI)  certified to meet ANSI safety and performance standards.  For more information about the extended-height DP10A, contact your local Forward Lift  distributor or call (800) 423-1722.

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