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Customize Your Lift Setup with New Adjustable Adapters from Forward Lift


Forward's most popular lifts can now be fitted with  optional adjustable frame-contact adapters. These adapters provide fine adjustment  capabilities to better reach manufacturer-recommended lifting points, including situations  where the lift is installed on an uneven floor. The new accessory is compatible with the  Forward Lift DP10A, DP10S and I10 two-post lifts and fits into any of the height extensions  provided with those models.

The adapter can be adjusted with a screw that has a range of 1.25 inches. Perched atop the  screw is a frame cradle pad designed to securely hold vehicles in place. 

"This adapter significantly increases the flexibility of both the DP10 and I10 when working  on trucks or other body-on-frame vehicles," said Lance Jones, Forward Lift sales and brand  manager. "It allows users to finely adjust the lift's arms to varying heights, creating a  custom setup for each vehicle being serviced. Now you can be sure you have solid contact at  every lifting point." 

The 10,000-pound capacity DP10 is Forward Lift's most feature-rich lift series. It comes in  symmetrical and asymmetrical models and offers efficient direct-pull lifting and a closed-loop hydraulic system. The new adjustable adapter can also be used with the 10,000-pound  capacity I10 two-post lift, which utilizes the same arm and height extension design.

Forward Lift's adjustable adapters can be ordered individually (P/N T110564) or in sets of  four (P/N T100285). For more information, contact your local Forward Lift distributor or  call (800) 423-1722. 

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