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New Forward Lift Alignment Equipment Helps Shops Expand Service Offerings


Madison, Ind. (Aug. 20, 2013) - Forward Lift now provides two affordable options for  adding vehicle alignment capabilities to independent repair shop service offerings. The first  is a new four-post alignment lift, the CRA18, which features 18,000 lbs. of capacity and can  be used to perform four-wheel alignments on cars, pickups, Class 5 work trucks and even  day cabs.

For those who already own a heavy-duty Forward Lift CR18 four-post lift, a new alignment  retrofit kit is now available. The kit bolts directly onto an already installed CR18 and  includes two carbon steel turning radius gauges and rear slip plates, enabling CR18 users to  take on more work without investing in a new lift. 

"We've made it easy to add lucrative alignment work to your everyday business," says Lance Jones, Forward Lift sales and brand manager. "With two options - one for those with  a CR18 and one for those without - you will never have to send out alignment work again."

Both the CRA18 and retrofitted CR18 are capable of performing four-wheel alignments on vehicles with wheelbases as short as 63 inches and as long as 162 inches. They feature  single-point release air locks and automatic ramp chocks, which decrease setup time. On  both models, the hydraulic cylinder and lifting mechanism are tucked under the runways,  eliminating any overhead obstructions. The alignment equipment is compatible with all  brands and types of alignment instrumentation, so there is little installation downtime.

Two 9,000 lb.-capacity rolling jacks are included as standard equipment on the CRA18 so it  can be used to perform brake, tire, alignment and suspension work. One of the lift's runways  is adjustable by three inches to match nearly any wheelbase.

"With a four-post alignment lift, you can turn a bay into a multi-function work area without  reorganizing the entire shop or adding space," says Jones. "The CRA18 can be used as a  standard lift for one job and then as an alignment tool for the next. We even offer drive-through ramps for those who want to maximize efficiency."

For more information about the CRA18 or CR18 alignment kit (P/N CR18AK00BL),  contact your local Forward Lift distributor or call (800) 423-1722.

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