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Car Lifts For Your Shop

What are you looking for in a vehicle lift? Forward thinkers look for a dependable, durable lift that’s inexpensive but still reliable for years to come. That’s just what you’ll find here. Think about how and where you’ll use the lift, then click below for more information about the lift that best suits your needs. It is not a cliché; it is the way we do business in everything we do. We continually strive to exceed customer expectations. Our veteran customer service team has decades of experience serving the needs of the customer… but it doesn’t stop there. It is complemented by the very best distributor and service network available in the industry. All of these business partners reassure the Forward Lift commitment to you, your technicians and the success of your business.

Two-Post Lifts Buyer's Guide

Four-Post Lifts Buyer's Guide

Two-Post Lifts

These surface-mounted lifts feature arm designs that allow vehicles to be raised symmetrically or asymmetrically.

Four-Post Lifts

Ideal for fast-turn services, such as oil changes, center undercarriage and exhaust work, alignments, and tasks requiring loaded suspensions.

Mid Rise Lifts

Perfect for shops with low ceilings or those looking to quickly add capacity, these portable lifts range from 6,000 to 10,000 lbs. in capacity.

Steps you should take to be a Forward thinker!


When you set up a plan before you purchase, you’ll make a better, more informed decision. Here’s what to consider as you research your options:

  • Think about how you’ll use the lift
  • Note your space and size requirements
  • Factor in budget and electrical expenses
  • Don’t forget accessories

Forward Lift has a comprehensive line of car lifts to suit any need. With our range of well-designed products, you can lift, repair and lower any vehicle without issue. And our lifts are third-party tested and ALI certified, so you know you can trust the quality.

When you think of lifting, be a forward thinker. Forward Lift, that is.

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