See how one small shop in Dayton, Ohio is souping up their bottom line and cashing in on classic cars.

Corvette Episodes

Buildup and modifications to a 1973 Corvette 

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It’s time for a tune-up.

Ludlow Automotive has been a staple in Dayton for over 70 years, but with Chris Winblad and his scrappy crew at the helm, it’s time for a change. Watch the wild ride as he works to streamline his father’s business so he can spend more time making classic cars run like new.


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Ludlow Automotive and Speed Shop

Episode 1

Chris, Noël, Dan, and Jimbo start thinking about changes to the shop. How will they keep up with the growing workload without hiring even more new techs?


Choosing the Right Lift

Episode 2

Kam Hydraulics stops by the shop to talk about equipment and installation. Chris and the crew start to get a sense of the big things in store for Ludlow Automotive.


Installing the Lifts - Part 1

Episode 3

Severe weather threatens to throw the team off schedule but just misses the shop. The hard work really begins as Kam Hydraulics starts the installation of the new lifts.


Installing the Lifts - Part 2

Episode 4

After a hectic few days in the shop, Chris gets to check out the new lifts for the first time. Will he like what he sees? Or will he go back to square one?


Tipp City Cruise-In

Episode 5

Noel and Chris pack their hometown with hundreds of custom vehicles for the annual Mum Festival Cruise-In. See how they control the chaos on the streets of Tipp City.


Corvette Rebuild

Episode 6

A 1973 Corvette comes to the shop. Find out what the guys at Ludlow have in store for this vintage ride.


Corvette Engine Install

Episode 7

It’s time to add firepower to the 73 Corvette. But, will the small block Chevy cause big headaches for the boys at Ludlow? Find out on this episode of Fast Forward Garage.


Firing up the 73 Corvette

Episode 8

Final steps are taken before firing up the 73 Vette. But, will she purr like a kitty or putter like a Pinto? Find out on this episode of Fast Forward Garage.


The Big Reveal

Episode 9

The 1973 Corvette project is done and it’s time for the big reveal. See how this classic car turned out and what the owner thinks of Ludlow’s work.



Ludlow History

Chris's First Car

Tipp City Outtakes

Chris Tells A Joke

Chris tells another joke

Wiring Tip

Comm Tip


Stay Positive

How To use a Two Post Lift

Meet the team

Co-owner, shop manager, mechanic


Chris Winblad is the third-generation owner of Ludlow Automotive and Speed Shop. Since 2011, he’s been a part of doing it all, from running the day-to-day operations alongside Noël to getting his hands dirty fixing up cars.

Co-owner, office manager, finances


Noël is a co-owner of Ludlow along with her husband, Chris. While he’s in the shop, she’s in the office, handling payments, ordering parts and taking care of the customers.



Dan has been a mechanic at Ludlow Automotive for over 16 years–ever since Chris hired him from the shop across the street. You’ll usually find him doing drivetrain work.



The newest addition to the team, Jimbo has been working at Ludlow for just about a year. A skilled and seasoned mechanic, Chris hired him on the spot when he showed up for his interview.

Shop cat


Frank is the shop cat that keeps the customers and the team constantly entertained. He showed up in the garage about three years ago and has been a fixture at Ludlow ever since.

Step inside the shop

Check out the equipment that’s taking Ludlow Automotive to the next level.


4 post lift

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2 post lift

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