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Mobile Columns:
Forward Thinkers Lift Where They Want


Here, there, or anywhere! With a Forward Lift Mobile Column, you’re not fixed any bay for your lifting needs. Forget the fixed power connections and airlines, you can lift outside on a nice day or lift wherever you have the free space.

Not only can you lift where you want, lift whatever you want. Truck, semi, concrete mixer… If you can name it, our mobile columns can lift it. Take the columns to the vehicle and then store them easily in your shop. Save time and make the biggest jobs up to 54 tons as simple as the smallest job.

FCHW13 – 78,000 lbs. Max Capacity

At 13,000 lbs. per column, the FCHW13 can pair up to 6 columns to satisfy your lifting needs.

  • No Fixed Electric Outlet 100% 100%
  • No Fixed Air Line 100% 100%
  • No Fixed Structure 100% 100%
  • No Fixed Bay 100% 100%
  • Lift Anywhere You Want 100% 100%
  • Lift Anything You Want 100% 100%

FCHW18 – 108,000 lbs. Max Capacity

At 18,000 lbs. per column, the FCHW18 can pair up to 6 columns to lift any size vehicle you need to lift.

Forward Thinking Lift Buyers

Forward Lift has a comprehensive line of car lifts to suit any need. With our range of well-designed products, you can lift, repair and lower any vehicle without issue. And our lifts are third-party tested and ALI certified, so you know you can trust the quality.

When you think of lifting, be a forward thinker. Forward Lift, that is.

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