What does it cost? How do I buy it?

Forward is much more than a price. We are years of lift design and manufacturing experience, that goes into every lift. We are a strong network of local distributor with a great deal of knowledge to help you choose the best lift for your particular situation.

Please fill out the form to receive the contact information of you nearest distributor.

We don’t post our lift pricing online for a variety of reasons:

  • Many of our lifts have several versions, with multiple options and accessories.
  • Many factors will affect the final price of the lift, such as installation and shipping cost
  • Our distributors may offer more aggressive pricing based on their stock levels and other sales incentives
  • Our prices are top secret and we are a little paranoid that “they’re” watching us.  We may have said too much already!!

Why use a distributor?

  • Installation: Let them do that job, you don’t worry about it
  • Convenience: A locally owned and operated distributor can provide a wealth of knowledge, and help you choose the best lift for your individual situation
  • Relationship: Utilizing a distributor allows you to build a relationship with a valuable partner in the industry. Many of our distributors offer installation and service in the event you require assistance.
  • Buy Local: local purchases help to keep tax dollars in your community
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