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Fore & Aft Kit – Mobile Columns

Capacity: 18,000 lbs.

For use with any of our mobile column lifts configured in 2 columns engaging full-frame vehicles – the widest reach in the industry at 43”. Mobile frame-engaging kits enable lifting by the front and rear of the vehicle using stacking adapters. Kit comes standard with 3.5”, 5”, and 10” adapter extensions for greater reach.


  • Two mobile columns accommodate everything from light-duty passenger vehicles to heavy-duty trucks
    • Wireless remote-controlled system for easy mobility and control of all columns anywhere in the bay
    • Digital gauges display
  • ALI Gold Certified (MCH418U100 with M140168 frame lift kit) – Shown


Specifications Fore & Aft System
Column Configuration 2 Mobile Columns
Capacity per set 18,000 lbs.
Rise 69″
Fork to column clearance 10” (254 mm)
Adapter reach 12” Narrow Position
43 1/2” Widest Position
9 1/2” Lowest Pickup Height
Speed of rise 78 seconds / 68 seconds