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We Have Heavy Duty Truck Lifts

There are lots of lifts labeled “heavy duty,” but this is the type of job you can’t trust to just anybody. When it comes to lifting heavy trucks, cars, and buses, Forward-thinking people look for how well something is built. Consider the design, fit, and finish when choosing a lift: Think about what exactly you’d want to be standing under with 15,000 lbs. above you.

Forward Lift is a leading manufacturer of automotive lifting equipment uniquely designed for a wide range of customers. We provide safe and reliable lift systems for independent repair shops, car dealerships, body shops, national accounts, home enthusiasts, hobbyists and heavy-duty truck facilities.

Two-Post Lifts

Service a lot of heavy vehicles that you need to get in, get under and get out quick? You need a reliable two-post lift that can hold 12,000 to 15,000 lbs. Our well-engineered products can lift even heavy semi tow trucks to the ceiling, so you can stand confidently and get the work done.

These surface-mounted lifts feature arm designs that allow vehicles to be raised symmetrically or asymmetrically.

Four-Post Lifts

Our four-post lifts give you peace of mind you won’t find anywhere else. Trust your biggest jobs to Forward Lift. Think you’d never see the bottom side of that heavy flat-nose semi out back without rolling under it? Think again with these lifts.

Our four-post, surface-mounted lifts come with a Single Point Latch Release System, and capacities range from 18,000 to 60,000 lbs.

Mobile Column Lifts

Truck, semi, concrete mixer … you name it, our mobile columns can lift it. Take the columns to the vehicle and then store them easily in your shop and use them in whichever bay you choose. Save time and make the biggest jobs – up to 72 tons – as simple as the smallest job.

Forward Thinking Lift Buyers

Forward Lift has a comprehensive line of car lifts to suit any need. With our range of well-designed products, you can lift, repair and lower any vehicle without issue. And our lifts are third-party tested and ALI certified, so you know you can trust the quality.

When you think of lifting, be a forward thinker. Forward Lift, that is.

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