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CRO14 – Four-Post Lift

CRO14 Four-Post Lift Features:

The foundation of a CRO14 14,000 lbs. capacity Forward four-post lift is the cable and pulley system under the runways. All hydraulics and mechanical lifting components are concealed in this area; tucked out of the way for a clean finish however easily accessible for inspection when needed. Forward Lift offers a durable powder coated hammer tone paint finish on its lifts. Our four-post lifts have a multi-position lock component which allows any four-post lift to be level at any lock position. Self chocking approach ramps and wheel chocks come standard with the CRO14.

Additional Features:

  • Heavy duty hydraulic cylinder
  • Single Point latch release system
  • One piece formed runway design incorporates rolling jack channels
  • Multiple position latch points in each structural leg

CRO14 Brochure


Capacity: 14,000 lbs.


Standard lift colors include blue and red.



Specifications CRO14N101Y Differences CRO14N102Y
Capacity 14,000 lbs. (6350kg)   14,000 lbs. (6350kg)
Rise 78-3/4″ (2000mm)   78-3/4″ (2000mm)
Maximum Wheelbase 182-1/2″ (4635mm) <32-1/2″> 215″ (5461mm)
Overall Length 253″ (6426mm) <33″> 286″ (7264mm)
Overall Width 140-1/2″ (3568mm)   140-1/2″ (3568mm)
Width Inside Columns 116-1/4″ (2953mm)   116-1/4″ (2953mm)
Length Between Columns 194 3/4″ (4946mm) <33″> 227 3/4″ (4946mm)
Overall Height 109-1/16″ (2768mm)   109-1/16″ (2768mm)
Runway Width 20″ (508mm)   20″ (508mm)
Runway Height 7″ (178mm)   7″ (178mm)
Width Between Runways 43″ (1092mm)   43″ (1092mm)
Rise Time 79 seconds   79 seconds
Voltage* 208/230v   208/230v
Motor 2HP   2HP
Minimum Bay Size 15′ x 26″ (4572 x 7925mm) <24″> 15′ x 28″ (4572 x 8534mm)

* single phase standard; 3-phase available at additional cost
Specifications subject to change without notice or liability