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When you’re purchasing a lift, there are basic questions you’ll have about any manufacturer’s offerings. Over the years, we’ve collected the most common questions we get about our two post lifts. Now we’re going to answer before you ever need to ask.

What’s the lead time for delivery on a two post lift? Many dealers or auto parts stores have Forward Lift two post lifts in stock, which means you can purchase them on the same day. Check with your local dealer or store to see if their current inventory can cut your lead time. If you need to order from the factory, your lift will typically be shipped within five to seven business days of your order.

How do I get my lift installed? Our network of local dealers can sell, service and install any Forward Lift. If you need installation, contact the Forward Lift Authorized Service Team.

What kind of maintenance does a two post lift need? You don’t need to maintain your lift on a daily basis, but you do need to give it a good look. There are weekly and monthly tasks to ensure your lift stays in the best shape, too. By adhering to a normal maintenance schedule, you’ll reduce downtime for your lift and increase its life. For a full checklist of daily, weekly and monthly maintenance actions, download our Maintenance Checklist.

Are Forward Lifts certified? The vast majority of our two post lifts are certified by third parties to ensure compliance with ANSI/ALI standards. You’ll find an overview on certification below, but contact the Automotive Lift Institute for more information.

  • ETL is the only Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory that manages the ALI program.
  • There are no conditional or partial certifications. A lift is either certified or it is not.
  • No one is authorized to use the ALI/ETL certifications label or reference it without all testing requirements being met.
  • Look for the Gold Label to determine if the lift you’re purchasing is third-party certified.

Do Forward Lifts have warranties? We warranty all of our products to the original owners. Structural components—like columns, arms, runways and carriages—are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for five years from the invoice date. Non-structural components—such as cylinders, power units and parts—are warranted for 18 months from the invoice date.