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There are very few shops that can expand without running into a challenge. If your shop is in a densely populated area, the cost per square foot will come at a premium because of the lack of available space. If your shop is in the suburbs, you could wind up in a bidding war on available land with other companies looking to develop where land is plentiful. And neither of those situations takes the basic facts of rising construction costs into consideration.

So if your shop is nearing capacity, how are you supposed to increase your revenue without expanding? Expand your capacity and your capabilities inside your existing space.

Take a look around your shop. You probably have at least a couple of two-post lifts. Maybe you have several. Since you’re reading this blog, though, we have to guess that you don’t have room to install another standard two post. But what about a narrower-than-standard lift?

If you’re servicing a lot of light-duty vehicles, there’s a lift your current space might accommodate without the need for expansion—the Forward Lift I10.

At 131” wide, it requires a smaller footprint than most two-post lifts, which could let you squeeze another bay into your shop. And with a 10,000-pound capacity, you won’t need to give up much when it comes to what you can service.

The I10’s three-stage front arms allow you to spot vehicles symmetrically or asymmetrically, so you can position the doors in front of or behind the lift to prevent door damage and give your techs easy access to the interior. And it comes with a five-year structural warranty, as well as an 18-month warranty on parts.

If you’re looking to get more vehicles rolling into your shop without the costs of expanding its footprint, take a look at the Forward Lift I10. It raises most light-duty vehicles—not to mention it can raise your revenue.