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Have you checked out our original web series Fast Forward Garage yet?

It’s all about how a real shop in Dayton, Ohio is gearing up for the next chapter of their business with new equipment from Forward Lift. If you’re an independent repair shop owner, you work in a shop or you just like geeking out over new equipment, you’ve gotta check it out.

In episode one, we met the whole crew at Ludlow Automotive and heard about their plans for the future. Right now, they do a lot of heating and cooling work, but ideally, they’d have enough time in their schedule and space in their shop to focus on fixing up classic cars. It turns out one of the best ways to do that is by updating their equipment—which is exactly what they start to do in the next episode.

Episode two is all about how shop owner, Chris Ludlow, starts to work with local distribution partner Kam Hydraulics to plan and prepare for three new lifts: two I10 two-post lifts and one four-post lift. As you may know, installing lifts is no small feat. There’s a lot of prep work that has to be done to ensure a lift will operate properly and safely for years to come. What kind of prep work exactly? You’ll have to see for yourself.

Whether you’re thinking about upgrading your shop’s setup or you’re just curious about everything that goes into purchasing new equipment, check out episode two of Fast Forward Garage.

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