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What happens when a third-generation auto shop gets a boost in business like someone flipped a nitrous switch?  You’re about to find out in our new web series, Fast Forward Garage.

Fast Forward Garage follows shop owner, Chris Winblad, and his crew at Ludlow Automotive in Dayton, Ohio.  The series explores how a boost in the shop’s productivity gave Chris the freedom he wanted to spend more time doing what he loves most – making classic cars run like new.

As you might imagine, there’s more than a little lift talk in the series, covering everything you need to know about working with a distributor, choosing the best lift for your shop and getting lifts installed.  The show also features a real-time look at how a revised floor plan and some new equipment can increase a shop’s capacity, productivity and revenue.

Then there’s Frank, Ludlow’s shop cat that’s always good for a few laughs.  Or as Chris puts it, “Cars aren’t the only thing we make purr around here.”

Tune in for ultimate tune-ups by subscribing to the series on YouTube so you never miss an episode.