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You know how a two-post and four-post lift can help your work. But maybe your space can’t fit a traditional lift. What happens then? Well, sit back and let us answer a few of your questions. The answers should make you a lot happier and your techs more productive.

I have low ceilings and smaller-than-average bays, but I need to get vehicles off the ground. What’s the answer?

A low-rise or mid-rise lift. We suggest our 10,000TL. It does a lot of the same work as a two post or four post lift—tire rotations, brake jobs and body panel work. But it doesn’t have posts that have height and width requirements. 

Sounds good. But without posts, how does the 10,000TL work?

It’s a floor-mounted lift with drive-over ramps. Once the front wheels are over the ramps, you position the lift between the vehicles front and rear tires. Then, you position rubber blocks between the lift’s side rails and the vehicle’s undercarriage. Those blocks prevent damage to the vehicle as you get it into the air.

How much can it lift?

The dual lifting cylinders of the 10,000TL can raise 10,000 pounds. That’s enough to lift some of the biggest passenger pickups currently in production. (And now you know the secret to the numbers in the names of our lifts.) 

How far off the ground does it raise a vehicle?

It’ll get a vehicle 16” into the air in just 40 seconds. That’s definitely high enough to safely perform your work. It’s also high enough to provide some relief to your techs’ backs and legs. 

Does it come with the required accessories?

Absolutely. The 10,000TL comes with four three-position adapters and four 3” rubber blocks. It also comes with four 1.5” rubber blocks to use in addition to the 3” blocks so that you can get a little extra height if needed.

Can I buy it in blaze orange or chartreuse?

No. But you can get in nice, normal red or blue.

How do I get more information on the 10,000TL?

Thanks for asking. It’s pretty simple, just visit the 10,000TL page on our site or download our one-page flier.