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It’s not just a garage.

It’s YOUR garage. And it’s the most sacred place on earth for four wheels.

There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to the place where you spend 90% of your time. You know this. Your work area is stocked, spotless and organized down to the screw size.

But just because it’s pretty damn good, doesn’t mean it can’t be straight-up amazing. If you’re ready to take your garage to the next level, take a look at these upgrades:


You might be using 100-watt bulbs. You might even have adjustable overhead lighting so that you don’t need to ask your five-year-old to stand on a stepstool and spotlight your work with a flashlight.

But you can do better.

You could:

  • Install shop-style fluorescent lighting across the ceiling so that it looks like high noon even if it’s midnight.
  • Get portable LED lights for work under the hood.
  • Use an LED headlamp. Yeah, they’re usually found on hikers’ heads in the backcountry after dark. But they can also save you a bunch of grief once you’re under the hood and out of the light.


Tired of your concrete floor soaking up oil and other harsh fluids? Then do something about it:

  • Buy a large rubber mat. Make sure it’s manufactured specifically for garages. It’ll contain the dirt and fluids so they don’t screw up your concrete.
  • Finish the entire floor with a few layers of epoxy paint.
  • Go right for the gold: interlocking floor tiles that snap together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Got a tile that’s taking a beating? You can replace it and have it looking like new in no time.

Safety. Fire is some serious sh*t. Always have an extinguisher that’s rated for flammable liquids nearby. But that’s just the beginning:

  • Think about installing a sprinkler system. It sounds extreme, but nothing is more extreme than standing on your lawn watching firemen head toward your home with hoses and axes.
  • Install a solid-core, fire-rated door that leads from your garage to your home.


Jacks, stands and ramps are fine. But your garage is not a place for “fine.” It’s a place that should make your work as easy as possible and your friends jealous as hell. Nothing does both of those like a lift or two.

When it comes to lifts in your garage, it’s all about what will help you work best. If your garage doesn’t have a lot of head room, consider a low- or mid-rise lift. If height isn’t an issue, take your pick between a two post lift or a four post lift. Two posts set the standard in durability, ease of use and performance. Four posts give you all of that plus the convenience of drive-on platforms and additional storage space.

Any one of them will impress your friends.