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Forward Lift 1000MCL: Easily equip a shop for motorcycle service with the air-powered, portable Forward Lift 1000MCL motorcycle lift.

Motorcycle sales peaked in 2005, with nearly 1.1 million sold that year – more than 2013 and 2014 sales combined – according to Ten years later, those bikes that are still on the road increasingly need maintenance. You can easily and cost-effectively equip your shop to work on all these motorcycles with a Forward Lift MCL Motorycle Lift.

The 1000MCL motorcycle lift makes it easy to service brake, wheel, engine and exhaust components. It is controlled by a single foot pedal for hands-free lifting and lowering. The lift requires just a 100-psi air connection to operate, and can be wheeled in and out of the service bay as needed. That means there’s no need to dedicate space to the lift, no breaking concrete, no electrical hookup and no installation costs.

1000MCL Motorcycle Lift Forward Lift 4 wheeler
Forward Lift 1000MCL ATV: Standard side extensions enable shops to use the Forward Lift 1000MCL motorcycle lift to service ATVs, golf carts,
lawn tractors and other power sports equipment.

“The 1000MCL motorcycle lift is a simple way to increase your shop’s capabilities, but don’t let the name fool you,” says John Uhl, sales and brand manager for Forward Lift. “Its standard 12-inch side extensions and 1,000-lb. capacity make it ideal for more than just motorcycles. With this one lift, you’ll be able to service a wide range of ATVs, golf carts, lawn tractors and other powersports equipment.”

The 1000MCL motorcycle lift’s platform can be raised 33 inches off the shop floor, placing key components at a comfortable working height for the technician. A front wheel vise is included to prevent the motorcycle from moving during the repair. The 1000MCL lift is also available with a droptail option (model 1000MCLDT) that enables the rear portion of the platform to be completely removed. This provides unlimited access to the back end of the motorcycle, and allows the technician to freely rotate the rear wheel for easy chain lubrication.

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