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Getting new equipment for a shop is exciting. It’s good for your productivity, which means it’s good for your revenue. And techs love new toys, so it keeps them happy and productive, too. But in the process of purchasing new equipment, it’s easy to forget that the equipment won’t always be new. It’s going to age and wear with everyday use. That’s where a warranty becomes important.

You want a lift to last for years to come, so before you make a big purchase, make sure you understand what happens if something goes wrong. At Forward Lift, we build some of the best lifts on the market. Of course, we hope you never need to use our warranty. That said, we’ll take a moment to answer a few common questions, so you know how it works if you need it.

What’s the warranty on a Forward Lift?

We warrant all of our lifts to the original owner for five years from the invoice date. That warranty covers all structural components to be free of defects in material and workmanship. For non-structural components, you receive an 18-month warranty from the date of the invoice.

What parts are structural and what are non-structural?

Think of it this way: structural parts make the lift, non-structural parts make the lift work. So the structural parts are columns, arms, runways and carriages. Non-structural parts are the cylinder, power unit and parts.

Can I get an extended warranty?

You bet. For an additional charge, we offer an 18-month extended warranty that covers both structural and non-structural components. Also, the lift must have been installed, operated, used and maintained according to the guidelines, which are available from your dealer.

Where do I find my nearest Forward Lift Dealer?

You can find the three closest Forward Lift Authorized Service Teams (FAST) on our site by simply filling in your location information. If you have any questions regarding our lifts or our warranties, reach out to any of those dealers, and they’ll be happy to help get you up and moving.

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