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Increased productivity—which leads to increased cashflow—is the goal of every shop. But that can’t come at the cost of safety. In fact, nothing can ruin productivity like an unsafe environment. You need to do everything you can to make sure nothing happens on your shop floor.

We’re sure you have your own safety rules and guidelines, but some rules were meant for every shop—especially when there are lifts involved.

We’ve put together a list of the most important safety measures for you to take when it comes to lifts. By following these guidelines, you can greatly reduce the risk of an accident and keep everything running smoothly.

  1. The Automotive Lift Institute offers an online safety course called, Lifting It Right. Buy it today. It provides invaluable training, and your techs will have 90 days to complete the class.
  1. Train every tech—whether it’s their first day or they’ve been around for years— on how to properly operate every lift in your shop
  1. Inspect your lifts every morning before the first vehicle is raised.
  1. Get annual inspections by an ALI Certified Lift Inspector. Don’t know where to find one? ALI will show you a list of the closest inspectors to your shop.
  1. Only buy lifts that come with a gold ALI lift certification label. This label means the lift has been independently tested and certified by the ALI to meet industry safety and performance standards.
  1. Before techs begin to service a vehicle, they should always check to make sure the lift’s locks are engaged.
  1. Only perform services on lifts that are appropriate for that service.
  1. When removing heavy components, use jack stands. The vehicle’s center of gravity could shift once the weight is removed, which could make it unstable.
  1. Do a lot of wheel work? Always use a wheel lift. They prevent back strains when removing and installing heavy wheels.
  1. Always ask for OEM replacement parts when maintaining your lift.

These ten rules don’t cover every safety rule you need to follow in your shop, but they definitely provide a solid foundation when it comes to avoiding incidents and accidents.